Kansas City’s Salute to the USO

Event branding that draws a crowd

Supporting our soldiers

The National Airline History Museum’s benefit for the USO had a five-year history, but it lacked the branding and name recognition to attract new guests and engage corporate sponsors. The Creative Department was asked to help this non-profit get its event off the ground with a strategy and materials to make it more attractive to potential sponsors and attendees alike.

Taking flight

The event was branded using period fonts and a scratchboard illustration of one of the Museum’s planes. A corporate sponsor packet was assembled, allowing the Museum to more than triple its sponsorship commitments in the weeks leading up to the event. Invitations, valet passes, tickets and envelopes, signage, posters, and auction booklets were produced for the event. In addition to the increase in sponsorship dollars, attendance increased and a new audience was built.

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