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Solving a diverse range of business problems requires a broad range of capabilities. We’re flexible and experienced enough to use our resources in the most creative ways, and we can call on a deep pool of talent to accommodate every client need.

  • Brand strategyOpen or Close

    Finding and communicating the true essence of a brand is more important than ever, as individuals increasingly seek authenticity in a world full of fleeting and forgettable experiences. An original, authentic brand can help build trust and influence loyalty. We use visual communication techniques to help companies connect and engage with customers.

  • Visual identityOpen or Close

    A company’s visual identity is one of its greatest assets, an extension of the brand, and a representation of the true company. Done right, it is an expression of the soul and purpose of a company.

  • PackagingOpen or Close

    Identity is delivered to the marketplace through packaging. We see it as a communications tool that influences decision-making. It’s an extension of the brand. We include environmental signage and point-of-sale in the packaging mix.

  • Marketing communicationsOpen or Close

    Effective communication begins with a thorough understanding of audience. We research and clarify objectives before we begin the creative process. We propose media solutions to fit the challenge. We develop creative concepts to break through and make meaningful connections.

  • Corporate communicationsOpen or Close

    We help corporations develop messages to key stakeholders, internally and externally. In today's media-saturated environment, messages must be carefully honed to cut through the clutter.

  • Web and interactiveOpen or Close

    We harness the power of creative thinking and amplify it with the technologies that deliver the greatest return on investment. The Creative Department has produced online discussion forums, stand-alone kiosks, websites, corporate blogs, email marketing campaigns, e-newsletters, and more.

  • Digital publishingOpen or Close

    The world of digital publishing has opened the door to increased interactivity and engagement with readers. Building upon our legacy of producing high-end print publications, The Creative Department now offers design and production of digital publishing for tablets or mobile devices, app building, and interactive features including video, slide shows, animated infographics, and more.

  • PhotographyOpen or Close

    It may seem cliché to say a picture is worth a thousand words, but the truth is, a photo that communicates effectively can be worth much more. Our photography services range from art direction and photo supervision of huge architectural and engineering projects to shooting product photography in our office studio.

  • Social mediaOpen or Close

    The power of social media in today’s consumer climate cannot be denied. Brands that succeed will be the ones that excel at harnessing the positive force of the social web. We work with clients to develop and execute strategies that stress customer engagement, increase fan loyalty, and establish a presence with brand personality.

  • Presentation designOpen or Close

    For high-powered presentations that make an impact on your audience, it’s not the technology that matters most, but the story. Whether it’s Powerpoint or Keynote or something else entirely, we work to elevate a lowly presentation to a compelling call to action.


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